A Digital Jukebox for Curated Music Content

JukeANator stand-alone digital jukeboxes combine the business model of CD jukeboxes with the flexibility and power of computer-based internet digital jukeboxes, with the end result being that they are a "Best of Both Worlds" digital jukebox solution and with more money/more control in your hands!


CD Jukebox Look and Feel

JukeANator is digital jukebox software that has the look and feel of CD jukeboxes, but with all of the power and flexibility of newer computer-based digital jukeboxes. Its screens were designed to mimic the simplicity of CD jukeboxes, yet offer ways to search for music, browse by popularity or browse by genre. It is touch-screen friendly and can interface with any pulse based bill acceptor or coin acceptor.


With Digital Jukebox Power

The most important distinction about JukeANator based jukeboxes is that they allow the owner/operator to have complete control of the music and allow them to put hundreds of albums on the jukebox.


JukeANator can be used for custom built Digital Jukeboxes, retrofit/upgrade of existing audio CD jukeboxes or conversion of existing digital jukeboxes.

Better than CD Jukeboxes

  • Break the "100 CD" limit! Put as many albums on the jukebox as you can afford (thousands if you want), including singles and local bands
  • Increased revenue through song priority play, or "make mine first", where patrons pay more per song to hear their songs next
  • Better experience for patrons as they can search for music, look at comprehensive "most popular" tables or browse music by genre
  • Far easier to add, remove and sort albums, as the user interface simply displays whatever is loaded onto the jukebox computer's hard disk
  • Customized play lists can be used to provide desired background music
  • Random play is highly configurable
  • Limits on song plays can be set
  • Less maintenance overhead because of virtually no moving parts
  • Spanish built in, with capability for any language via plug-in
  • Web interface for song queue management.

Better than Internet Digital Jukeboxes

  • Own the jukebox outright (no leasing)
  • As the owner/operator of the jukebox, since you are responsible for purchasing 100% of the content, you get 100% of the revenue
  • For a cost comparison between Standalone JukeANator Digital Jukeboxes, Audio CD Jukeboxes and Downloading Digital Jukeboxes, see Jukebox Cost Comparison Matrix
  • No need for expensive music service contracts where %20 of the gross revenue (or an expensive monthly flat fee) goes directly to a 3rd party
  • Have complete control over all songs/albums that are available on the jukebox for patrons to play
  • Have complete control over song pricing, free play and whether you want advertisements displayed
  • Better experience for patrons, as they won't feel gouged paying $2 for a song to be downloaded that already exists on the jukebox
  • Have all the tracks that were meant to be on the album, instead of one or two deemed "popular" by "the man"
  • Can run in private/home-use mode
  • Dual display capable for videos, karaoke and screen-saver content

Jukebox Operator/Owner Friendly

JukeANator has been in constant development since 2000 and many of its features have come from input from jukebox operators and bar owners. In short, many of the features of JukeANator digital jukeboxes are designed to give more earnings potential, more flexibility and more control to jukebox operators and bar owners. Go to JukeANator Online Demo and try it yourself for free!

Getting a JukeANator Jukebox

There are basically 3 ways in which you can get a JukeANator digital jukebox installed into your location:
  • You can purchase a ready-to-install JukeANator digital jukebox (as pictured above)
  • You can purchase a JukeANator jukebox conversion kit and retrofit your existing CD (or internet) jukebox yourself
  • You can purchase just the JukeANator software and build/retrofit your own jukebox using your own computer, touchscreen, bill acceptor, touchscreen bezel and marquee

Public Performance Song Licensing

JukeANator Digital Jukebox is now fully licensable for a Paid Public Performance License by ASCAP, BMI and SESAC! After 2 years of development, the following new features are now available:
  1. ASCAP/BMI/SESAC License InfoScreen
  2. Database for generating song usage reports(by quarter)
  3. Automatic copyright information retrieval from Amazon.com
  4. Automatic song ISRC retrieval from MusicBrainz
  5. Enhanced song metadata extraction for proper Amazon/MusicBrainz automatic web service lookups
  6. CD/Song properties editor for manual editing of publisher/copyright info, artist/song names, song ISRC and ASCAP T-Code
  7. Automatic quarterly song usage report submission (partial example here)
  8. Also, a Jukebox Conversion Kit available (to retrofit existing CD Jukeboxes or even other digital jukeboxes)
Furthermore, Digital Jukebox Technologies, LLC, has signed agreements by ASCAP/BMI/SESAC to provide licensing capability for all commercial US customers who don't have their own ASCAP/BMI/SESAC accounts!
  • Don't be fooled by other standalone/non-downloading digital jukebox software companies that claim to be the only one licensable for U.S. licensing requirements, or to offer the "world's first" commercially available, fully digital conversion system for coin operated jukeboxes, as the first JukeANator digital jukebox conversion to be used in production, was in 2002 in Allen Park, MI. Indeed, the provisional patent application for JukeANator was submitted on Oct. 12, 2000 and the JukeANator website has been in operation since May 2004, 3 years before one competitor making such claims.

  • Unlike TouchTunes or eCast, JukeANator is not an "internet jukebox" or a "downloading jukebox"! You, as the owner/operator, select/purchase the music that you and your locations actually want (not what they force on you), and you get to keep the 100% of the revenue (as it has been for a long time with CD and vinyl jukeboxes). Just because the media has changed (MP3/WMA/AAC) and underlying jukebox construction has changed, it doesn't mean that the business model has to as well... You can buy music from many different genres of music (such as Latin/Hispanic) from on-line sources, such as Amazon MP3 or Apple iTunes that internet/downloading jukeboxes don't offer...

  • ABSOLUTELY NO: Contracts, 'partners', 3rd party advertising for alcohol that you don't even serve, profit sharing, bank account attachments, misleading/unfair 'deals' by downloader service providers. You don't even need to have an Internet connection at the location because of the standalone nature of JukeANator Digital Jukebox
  • Set your own pricing! The number of credits per song and bonus credits for $1,$2 and $5 is fully configurable
  • Locations will generate more revenue with the "Song Priority Option" where patrons pay more credits to hear their song next
  • Works with any pulse type bill acceptor interface (used in conjunction with a keyboard encoder)
  • Designed from the start to have a touch screen friendly GUI with an intuitive look and feel.. No 'eyesore' iTunes/MusicMatch/poorly contrived UI like the competition..
  • Uses 100% "off-the-shelf" components, which is why you have the option of buying the software only!
  • For a cost comparison between Standalone JukeANator Digital Jukeboxes, Audio CD Jukeboxes and Downloading Digital Jukeboxes, see Jukebox Cost Comparison Matrix
JukeANator Digital Jukebox is next generation digital jukebox software that allows you to easily navigate and play any song in your music library. It has the look and feel of a bar-style CD jukebox and can be used, for example, in a custom cabinet with a touch-screen in your game room, or on your desktop as the most easy-to-use MP3 Jukebox application, right along side your other applications. With the commercial version and a bill acceptor, operators/owners have an attractive and flexible alternative to the expensive high-profile commercial digital jukeboxes on the market.


JukeANator Digital Jukebox also has a powerful administration screen that allows you to DJ parties with ease, with many features not found in other jukebox software programs. Whether you are a home user looking for a solution to managing your personal music collection on your computer, a DJ looking to leave the cases and cases of easily damaged CDs at home and be able to queue up many songs at once or a bar owner looking to increase your revenue and attract interest with cool next generation jukebox, then JukeANator Digital Jukebox is for you!

The key to the ease-of-use is how music is organized, chosen and played. Using an intuitive scheme whereby music is categorized by genre, artist and CD title and an automatic numbering scheme, each song in the library is uniquely identified by a 4 or 5 digit number (depending upon how many CD titles there are). Songs can be chosen either by their unique number, or by clicking on them with your mouse or touch screen. Songs in the library, or jukebox, are chosen by the user and then added to the "Song Queue" . This queue is dynamic and can adjusted on the fly so that you can easily add/remove songs to the queue, move the order with which songs will be played. Songs are played on a first-in-first-out basis, but there are other features that allow for more flexibility.

Whether you want to DJ a party, have all your personal music collection accessible with the click of a mouse, or a bar owner looking to build your own next generation digital jukebox, allowing you to generate more profit, JukeANator Digital Jukebox is what you are looking for!

Free Online Demo

With Java Web Start technology, you can see for yourself and run a free trial version right now!

JukeANator Digital Jukebox Marketing Brochure

JukeANator Digital Jukebox Marketing Brochure

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